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Home > Screenings > Zone3 > Plastic Surgery: Reconstructing Life

Director: Nicolas Houde-Sauvé

Producer: Luc Rousseau

Executive Producer: Brigitte Lemonde

Cast: Dr Maud Bélanger, Dr Éric Bensimon, Dr Daniel Borsuk, Dr Marie-Pascale Tremblay-Champagne

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: 18+

10 x 30’

Plastic Surgery: Reconstructing Life unveils the fascinating everyday life of four world-renowned Canadian plastic surgeons – one of which is Dr. Daniel Borsuk who performed the first Canadian face transplant. They offer a unique access to complex procedures that will change the patients’ lives, from face transplant to sex reassignment surgery. The series gives us a fascinating and emotional insight into the very special relationships that unite these doctors and their patients, from their first meeting to surgery and post-operative follow-up.

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