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Director: Jean-François Chagnon, Isabelle Garneau, François St-Amand, Dave Belisle

Producer: Josée Fortier

Executive Producer: André Larin, Brigitte Lemonde

Writer: Marc Brunet

Cast: Adib Alkhalidey, Medhi Bousaidan, Sonia Cordeau, Yannick De Martineau, Marie Soleil Dion, Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Guillaume Lambert, Philippe-Audrey Larrue St-Jacques, Katherine Levac, Florence Longpré.

Genres: Comedy, Format

Demographics: 15+

Like Me!

24 minutes

In a series of savage, often off-beat comical sketches, Like Me! illustrates the myriad facets - emotions, friendships and sex lives - of the millennial generation. A mixed bag of absurd send-ups, laser sharp observations and raw dialogue, the show explores a world where relationships are disposable, sentiment is recyclable and pleasure is marketable. Like Me! draws a funny yet oddly touching portrait of a generation mesmerized by social media, mobile phones and anything, frankly, that can move them forward in their frantic search for love and happiness!

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