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Director: Tymur Yashchenko

Producer: Iryna Klymenko, Marta Lotysh

Writer: Tymur Yaschenko, Robert Kvilman

Cast: Roman Semysal, Dmytro Sova, Yevhen Lamakh, Oleh Shcherbyna, Ruslan Koval, Yevhen Avdieienko, Vadym Lialko, Oles Katsyon, Vadym Zapisochnyi, Vitalina Bibliv

Genres: TV Movie

1 x 94’

Mishko and Lev are fellow villagers, they serve on a ship of the Ukrainian Navy “Cherkasy”, which is stationed in the port of the Crimean lake Donuzlav.

At a time when the minesweeper of the “Cherkasy” was conducting military training and naval exercises and when President Yanukovich suddenly escaped from the country, also during this dark time the invasion of Crimea by the infamous “little green men” began.

The Navy ship returned to it’s home port & the base, but unfortunately the port had been lost due to the subsequent invasion. The "Cherkasy" along with other ships belonging to Ukrainian fleet were blocked in the lake Donuzlav, the only outlet into the sea had been blocked by scuttled vessels this in turn blocked the ships exit into open waters.
As a result Ukrainian located ships began to surrender, only the crew of "Cherkasy" decided not to give up arms, keeping the faith and not succumbing to surrender the crew continues in defiance along with the navy code of homour even in the face of adversity they continue the evident dangers and confront the possible struggles that they have to face.

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