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Director: Milad Avaz

Producer: SF Studios Productions and Rocket Road Pictures for TV2 Denmark

Writer: Milad Avaz, Mehdi Avaz

Cast: Andreas Jessen, Sebastian Jessen (Borgen), Sebastian Bul, Lars Mikkelsen (Rides upon the Storm, The Witcher, House of Cards)

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+

8 x 42’

A tale of self-discovery and morality, Grow evolves into a suspenseful thriller as a young stockbroker, dissatisfied with his ordinary, apathetic life, is captivated by the murky underworld of drug dealing as he seeks out his deceased father’s past. His hunger for power, leads him to set up a cartel with the ambition to become Denmark’s top drug lord. His two worlds collide as he faces his brother, a policeman on the anti-drugs unit, who is also trying to come to terms with who he really is.

The drama (Danish title Alfa) stars real-life brothers, with Andreas Jessen as the stockbroker, Adam, and Sebastian Jessen playing the role of his brother Jakob. Award-winning actor Lars Mikkelsen appears in a supporting role.

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