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Director: Dror Zahavi

Producer: FFP New Media GmbH in co-production with SWR, ARD Degeto, NDR, WDR

Writer: Johannes Rotter, Christoph Mathieu

Cast: Elisa Schlott, Reomy D. Mpeho, Franziska Brandmeier, Jonas Nay, Dietmar Bär, Anna Schudt, Julia Koschitz, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Samuel Finzi a. o.

Genres: Drama

3 x 90’

A fictitious small town in southwestern Germany in the 1950s. Two young women strive to create lives for themselves during a time of great change caused by the presence of the U.S. Army, putting themselves and their friendship to the test. Both, in their own way, seize the opportunities of social and cultural change. But while Marie, who comes from a conservative farmer’s family, slowly develops into a modern, enlightened woman, the extroverted Erika seems unable to fully adapt to the changing times.

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