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Director: Patrice Sauvé
Producer: Pixcom Productions Inc.
Executive Producer: Jacquelin Bouchard,Sylvie Desrochers,Charles Lafortune,Nicola Merola
Writer: Martin Michaud,Frédéric Ouellet,Michelle Allen
Cast: Patrice Robitaille,Julie Le Breton,Sarah Dagenais Hakim,Maxime Mailloux,Antoine L’Écuyer,Gilbert Sicotte
People: Antoine L’Écuyer, Charles Lafortune, Frédéric Ouellet, Gilbert Sicotte, Jacquelin Bouchard, Julie Le Breton, Martin Michaud, Maxime Mailloux, Michelle Allen, Nicola Merola, Patrice Robitaille, Patrice Sauvé, Pixcom Productions Inc., Sarah Dagenais Hakim, Sylvie Desrochers
Victor Lessard

30 x 60' / 4K / UHD

At the heart of Victor Lessard is a troubled cop and an addictive, unpredictable mystery. This series is a psychological thriller. The murders are strange and unsettling, the work of a deeply disturbed mind. And as Victor delves deeper into the mystery, untangling the clues, trying desperately (and in vain) to stop more murders from taking place, his own behaviour becomes more erratic.

This series is full of both darkness and light. Montreal is a kinetic setting, full of life and colour. Victor is surrounded by vivid characters - from his wry, perceptive partner, Detective Jacinthe Taillon, to his doesn’t-suffer-fools gladly boss, Lieut. Paul Delaney to his volatile son Martin, to the intense young uniformed cop, Const. Nadja Fernandez, who falls in love with Victor, and pushes him to confront his mountain of emotional baggage. The relationships between these characters are rich and nuanced.

Victor himself is a complex character - full of secrets, driven by a profound sense of justice. This is not a cynical man. He throws himself into every case fully and emotionally. He becomes driven, obsessive. He is a heroic figure, willing to sacrifice his own piece of mind in the all-important quest to get the bad guy.

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