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Producer: btf

Genres: Entertainment

Surprise Supervise! The Prism is a Dancer Show

ZDF Enterprises
4 x 90’

Embarrassing selfies posted on Facebook, YouTube videos that were thought to no longer exist and detailed LinkedIn CVs: the Internet forgets nothing! Surprise Supervise! The PRISM IS A DANCER Show meticulously x-rays the Internet profiles of the unsuspecting studio audience prior to filming. Then it’s crunch time! In the show itself, the host — sometimes supported by a celebrity guest as his accomplice — uses the audience members’ online posts to truly grill them. All of the juicy finds come together to create one highly entertaining show with added studio stunts and exciting clips.

However, none of the candidates are embarrassed by the host. Instead, the featured audience members leave the stage as winners with a great prize in return for having their information leaked. The show was awarded the German Comedy Award in 2019.

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