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Director: Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Producer: Publispei

Writer: Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Monica Rametta, Massimo Bavastro

Cast: Alessandro Gassman, Maya Sansa, Andrea Sartoretti, Luigi Fedele

Genres: Drama

4 x 100’ or 8 x 50’

Standing Tall tells the story of a father’s investigation into his son’s alleged suicide. Hunting for the truth about a death that isn’t at all what it might appear to be proves to be a veritable obstacle course for Valerio who is dead set on obtaining justice, but it will also prove to be his last chance to come to terms with his troubled past, both as a man and a father. A painful redemption to reclaim a bond that not even death can break. A father and a son.