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Director: Pablo de la Torre

Producer: SLR Productions

Executive Producer: Suzanne Ryan

Writer: Thomas Duncan-Watt

Genres: Animation, Kids, Sci-Fi

26 × 22′

Space Nova’s intended audience is 6 – 10 year old girls and boys. NASA has announced its intention to send humans to Mars by the mid-2030s within the lifetime of the intended audience. Space and understanding earth’s place in the universe is one of the major areas in the science education curriculum, connecting students with authentic engagement in STEM. This is most important in primary school – the age of our intended audience, when students make a decision about the value of studying science. 75 % of the fastest growing careers today require at least some STEM skills.

The episodes in Space Nova use real science throughout the series that can be used as educational tools to discuss a scientific concept, aspects about space exploration, aeronautical technology we need to get us there, and the astrophysics related to space itself. We explore ideas of Alien planets and potential Alien life as we take real science and expand into ideas such as what would plants look like in a low gravity environment? Will we be able to recognise Alien life if we see it? Could an alien plants defense system act like an immune system when a foreign organism is detected and attack it?