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Director: Alan Robinson
Producer: Jo Killingley
Writer: Dave Ingham,Denise Cassar,Lisa Akhurst,Neil Mossey,Tim Dann,Howard Davidson,Tracey Hammett,Sara Barbas,Lee Pressman,Darren Jones,Gerard Foster,Rebecca Stevens
Genres: Children’s
People: Alan Robinson, Darren Jones, Dave Ingham, Denise Cassar, Gerard Foster, Howard Davidson, Jo Killingley, Lee Pressman, Lisa Akhurst, Neil Mossey, Rebecca Stevens, Sara Barbas, Tim Dann, Tracey Hammett
School of Roars

104 x 7'

School of Roars… Where monsters go to growl and grow!

Going to school for the first time is one of the biggest things you’ll do in your life. You’re away from home, fitting in with routines and learning so many new things… while also getting along with a class full of new friends. It’s exciting, but a massive change! School of Roars helps children prepare for school life by exploring a child’s first year through the relationships and experiences of our mini monsters. Because they’re monsters, our little heroes go to school at night, led by teacher Miss Grizzlesniff. The class learns lessons on how to be monsters, like counting the legs on spiders in math, how to howl at the moon in music, or making delicious Blushberry Blob Cakes in culinary arts. Our monsters experience life-lessons through their adventures such as caring, sharing, friendship and fun, mirroring the social and emotional behavior and group dynamics of our audience who is just starting school.

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