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Director: Dieter Riepenhausen,Cherifa Bakhti
Producer: WunderWerk,Fabrique d'Images,ZDF
Writer: Steve De Wilde,Bart Vaessen
Genres: Children’s
People: Bart Vaessen, Cherifa Bakhti, Dieter Riepenhausen, Fabrique d'Images, Steve De Wilde, WunderWerk, ZDF

52 x 7'

Henrietta lives on a little farm together with the farmer and lots of other animals. Her favourite activity is to help the local postman deliver the mail. She has big and little adventures, sometimes causes chaos, goes on journeys or throws a party. With Henrietta, there’s always something going on — turbulent stories with plenty of surprises, crazy chickens and happy, surprising endings!

The series brings great fun to the viewers in seeing how the animals solve their bizarre problems with creativity and always manage to enjoy a real happy ending.

The cow that constantly underestimates her own physique and tries to fulfill her needs in a naïve and funny way, creates a unique humor. Every episode contains a twist, a humorous change. Often the result at the end contradicts the expectations at the beginning of an episode.

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