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Director: Milad Avaz

Producer: SF Studios Productions and Rocket Road Pictures for TV2 Denmark

Writer: Milad Avaz, Mehdi Avaz

Cast: Andreas Jessen, Sebastian Jessen (Borgen), Sebastian Bul, Lars Mikkelsen (Rides upon the Storm, The Witcher, House of Cards)

Genres: Drama


ZDF Enterprises
8 x 42’

When newbie stockbroker Adam is told of his father’s death, he gets sucked into the world of his late father’s biker environment captivated by its fast life compared to the everyday grey society. Adam’s structural life is mixed with his personal ambitions, desperate for power and fast recognition in the Danish drug market, where Adam’s cousin Simon has already set roots. Their ultimate goal: to form a new drug cartel and become the country’s biggest kingpins.

Along the way they must face immigration gangs, bikers, law enforcement, politicians and - last but not least - Adam’s own brother Jakob. Having left his previous life behind, Jakob has joined an anti-drug division and is now given the chance to make a difference. But will he take it or will Adam thrive in his rise to power? Who of the brothers will succeed in the end? GROW is a story about self-discovery and morale, set in an apathetic world that, at times, shows a dissident reflection on what happiness is.

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