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Director: Jeffrey Walker
Producer: Jeffrey Walker,Bernadette O'Mahony,Werner Film Productions,ZDF,ZDF Enterprises,ABC,ACTF
Writer: Samantha Strauss
Cast: Xenia Goodwin,Alicia Banit,Dena Kaplan,Jordan Rodrigues,Tara Morice,Thom Green,Tim Pocock
Genres: Children’s
People: ABC, ACTF, Alicia Banit, Bernadette O'Mahony, Dena Kaplan, Jeffrey Walker, Jordan Rodrigues, Samantha Strauss, Tara Morice, Thom Green, Tim Pocock, Werner Film Productions, Xenia Goodwin, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises
Dance Academy

Series: 65 x 26', Feature Film: 1 x 97ʹ or 4 x 25'

If you thought a dance school was all about pink tutus and pretty pointe shoes you’re dead wrong...!

Dance Academy is an exhilarating drama series for children and young adults and anyone, anywhere, who’s ever had a dream. The Australian teen series is a global phenomenon,
currently screening in over 160 countries. Now comes the feature film, Dance Academy - The Comeback, which follows on from the series.

It’s through Tara Webster’s eyes that we enter the world of the National Academy of Dance, where the best in the country train to become dancers. Dance Academy is a program about a group of ordinary teenagers who are pushing themselves to the limit as they fight to achieve
extraordinary things. These teens are sweaty athletes not fragile butterflies; modern kids who constantly bump heads with the rules of an old fashioned world. They want to dance but they’re determined to have fun as well.

Over the years, Tara and her friends face the universal challenges of being a teenager and we watch them battle through the minefield of elite dance training. Relationships grow and change as they live side by side in the Boarding House. They each take a different path, but they start to find out who they are and they all dare to chase their dreams.

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