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Director: Stephan Arapovic, Thomas Langelage

Producer: taglicht media for ZDFinfo and ZDF Enterprises

Executive Producer: Bernd Wilting, Uli Veith

Writer: Thomas Langelage, Heike Sperling, Christoph Weber

Genres: Documentary

5 × 50′

Crime Scene Antiquity is a 5-part criminal forensics series with a twist: it investigates serious unsolved crimes of the distant past, dating back hundreds and even thousands of years. Some took place amongst our earliest ancestors. All cases under the spotlight in these gripping investigations are high-profile, real-life criminal cases of the worst kind: from murders to assassinations, high treason, terrorism, even suspected cannibalism, and range from notorious violent crimes like Caesar, Tutankhamen and Nero to lesser-known killings that are compelling for other reasons.

Each one has remained shrouded in mystery… until now. Cutting-edge forensic techniques, elaborate CGI and experimental archaeology are combined to shed new light on these ancient crimes and provide a fresh, compelling look at the dark side of antiquity.