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Director: Douglas Boswell
Producer: VRT,Zodiak Belgium
Writer: Steve De Wilde,Bart Vaessen
Cast: Bram Spooren,Robbert Vervloet,Ina De Winne,Tine Roggeman,Ini Massez,Annabet Ampofo,Leonard Santos,Nathan Gybels
Genres: Children’s
People: Annabet Ampofo, Bart Vaessen, Bram Spooren, Douglas Boswell, Ina De Winne, Ini Massez, Leonard Santos, Nathan Gybels, Robbert Vervloet, Steve De Wilde, Tine Roggeman, VRT, Zodiak Belgium

32 x 15'

BUCK is a 15-minute television series in which the relationship between Elias and Buck is central. In this story, we follow the inconspicuous and uncertain Elias who struggles with his life as a teenager. He finds distraction in his computer game in which his digital hero commander Buck never lets him down. When he plays, he has not to worry about his two older sisters, Laura and Hanne, his single mother, the bully Dylan, the new school… the world. In his room no one hurts him. Until one day… nobody else than Buck is standing next to his bed. From then on, nothing is as it was before!

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