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Director: Dorothea Mersmann
Producer: Dorothea Mersmann,JEP Animation,WDR,WDR mediagroup,Les Films de la Perrine
Writer: Jürgen Egenolf,Leona Frommelt,Florence Marchal,Dorothea Mersmann
Genres: Children’s
People: Dorothea Mersmann, Florence Marchal, JEP Animation, Jürgen Egenolf, Leona Frommelt, Les Films de la Perrine, WDR, WDR mediagroup

26 x 7'

Cute and friendly dormouse BOBO is fascinated and thrilled by his immediate surroundings. While exploring the world around him with remarkable determination he’s having a lot of fun. His energy seems to be inexhaustible– every day until it’s time to go to bed.
A lot of visual gags and slapstick appropriate for children accompany Bobo`s growing up and discovering the neighbourhood. The stories tell adventures of everyday life - in a sensible, empathic, very emotional way, and with a tiny twinkle in the eye.
On occasion Bobo needs the security of his family. On the other hand, he already understands many implications. He loves to test his limits – and sometimes exceeds them, of course. Small disasters are inevitable. They’re animated in a childproof way of slapstick.
Bobo is always in a good temper. His rare complaints occur when he doesn’t feel well or when his parents don’t understand what their son needs. Sometimes
Bobo is afraid, for example when at the zoo a lion loudly roars or when he accidentally has locked himself out. Bobo is very trusting and he never has ulterior motives. The stories usually end with Bobo groggily falling asleep after another eventful day.

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