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Director: Lisa James Larsson, Lisa Farzaneh

Producer: BR•F, TV4 / C MORE, ZDF, Agatha Christie Ltd., Nadcon Film, ZDF Enterprises GmbH

Executive Producer: Basi Akpabio, Leo Dezoysa, Robert Franke, Fredrik Heinig, Sebastian Krekeler, Peter Nadermann, Pelle Nilsson, Maik Platzen, James Prichard, Frank Seyberth

Writer: Patrik Gyllström, Björn Paqualin, Jakob Beckman, Martin Luuk and Aron Levander, Agatha Christie (original story)

Cast: Johan Rheborg, Hanna Alström, Maria Lundqvist, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Björn Andrésen, Peter Kanerva. a. o.

Genres: Drama

4 x 90’ or 8 x 45’ UHD

A modern-day Agatha Christie spinoff about Sven Hjerson, a once renowned criminal profiler who suddenly chose to retire from the spotlight, and Klara Sandberg, a trash TV producer who wants to reset her career with a true crime show that stars him.

Frustrated television producer Klara Sandberg is tired of making the trashy TV programs that have defined her career. In an effort to shake things up, she successfully pitches an all-new crime series starring the legendary detective Sven Hjerson, in which he cracks a new case every week. The catch? She has never met her unsuspecting star.

The once distinguished detective Sven Hjerson has made a name for himself thanks to his remarkable ability to read people and sniff out crucial evidence seemingly out of thin air. Despite his success, Hjerson mysteriously decides to step out of the limelight and put his sleuthing days behind him. That is, until he receives news of his mother’s death.

For the first time in over 30 years, Hjerson is forced to return to his childhood home of Åland, where Klara manages to track him down on a cruise ship heading to the archipelago. When a young journalist is murdered on board, the pair form an unlikely partnership, and a reluctant Hjerson and a zealous Klara start to solve a string of murder mysteries.