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Director: Kim Tae-young

Producer: Indecom

Executive Producer: Kim Tae-young

Writer: Park Chae-jeong

Cast: Jang Dong-gun

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

60min x 4eps

How does the philosophy of the world's best bookstores and bookstores owner change the culture of a single city and country in today's digital society?

The story illuminates the secret of the operation of world-renowned bookstores that have been in history for over 100 years or decades and what they are contributing to social change France's ‘Shakespeare and Company’, Japan's ‘Crayon House’, China's ‘Senfung”Bookstore’, and Korean Neighborhood bookstores.

Actor Jang Dong-gun will become a presenter of the first and fourth parts and will give power to the documentary with his unique calm and serious voice. The production team of 'Back to the Books', which is about to be broadcasted first, will introduce a prestigious bookstore in China, France, Japan and Korea, which will introduce four copies.