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Director: Ryuya Chiba

Producer: Masahiko Furukawa

Executive Producer: Atsushi Shintaku

Cast: MC, Hidetsugu Shibata, Hironari Yamazaki

Genres: Entertainment, Format

Demographics: All audiences

8 x 27.5'

It is a psychological quiz battle based on the werewolf game between three players who want to answer correctly and X, who wants to answer all questions incorrectly.

This is a one-story game.

In each episode, we have cast four people with different relationships.
For example, in an episode featuring two couples, we saw the balance of power between the couple, as their lies were almost detected by something trivial. In another episode, the two of them were very suspicious of each other. but in the end neither of them was X.
So, the story can be changed depending on the relationship of the players.

The viewers will never get bored the game with the eccentric players in each episode.