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Director: Anton Maslov

Producer: Eduard Iloyan, Vitaliy Shlyappo, Aleksey Trotsyuk, Denis Zhalinskiy

Executive Producer: Anna Dragunkina, Mikhail Tkachenko

Writer: Nzhde Ayrapetyan, Tatyana Goncharova, Dmitry Krepchuk

Cast: Elena Podkaminskaya, Aleksandr Pankratov-Chorniy, Ksenia Teplova, Danila Dunaev, Aleksandr Konstantinov, Elena Valyushkina

Genres: Comedy, Drama


Vera Sweet is a long-suffering housewife and mother, with a gift for making delicious confectionery. Her family takes her and her hobby for granted, and Vera would have continued to be unappreciated if she had not caught her husband cheating! Having thrown her philandering hubby out, Vera needs to find a job, but her experience as a housewife doesn't appeal to modern employers. Desperate to make ends and relishing her new independence, Vera starts her own confectionery business, with her cranky family alongside.