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Director: Yukihiro Morigaki

Writer: Mitsuyo Kakuta, Eriko Shinozaki

Cast: Ko Shibasaki, Seiichi Tanabe, Miki Mizuno

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+, Female

50min x 6ep

Risako was having a peaceful life as a housewife and a mother, with her husband and 4 years old daughter Ayaka. But one day, Risako receives a letter from the court. She was selected as a jury to judge a shocking murder case, which a woman named Mizuho (a housewife and a mother just like Risako) who has abused and killed her own baby.

First, Risako was shocked and disgusted about Mizuho who had murdered her own child. But as the trial progresses, Risako starts seeing her own past in the circumstances of Mizuno was suffering. Behind the closed door of a home, words exchanged between a husband, wife, parents and children are somethings sharp and piercing as a knife. Mizuho was a lonely mother without enough support from her husband and parents, stressed and pressured to be a good wife and a mother. Gradually, Risako starts to feel sympathy to Mizuho.

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