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Director: Tord Theodor Olsen

Producer: Nordic Stories

Executive Producer: Gisle Halvorsen

Writer: Tord Theodor Olsen, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children, Family


TROUBLEMAKERS is set in fictional village in northern Norway, in an amazing mountain landscape where the sea meets the sky, and features a group of friends who must deal with all the conflicts and dilemmas that come with being a kid on the verge of adolescence… Theirs are timeless stories – about friendships and rivalries, testing limits and confronting boundaries, growing up, learning to own the consequences of your choices, and going way too far because you don’t understand what could go wrong. Alive with humour and action, vibrant with colour and music, rich in empathy for its diverse but archetypal and profoundly relatable characters, TROUBLEMAKERS is a series with very big and very human heart.