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Director: Dominique Rocher

Producer: Les Films de l’Instant

Executive Producer: Les Films de l’Instant

Writer: Eric Forestier, Dominique Rocher

Cast: Suzanne Clément, Jean-Marc Barr, Richard Sammel, Jakob Cedergren, Jeanne Balibar, Chrysta Théret, Tom Mercier

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+, 18+


An isolated astronomical observatory in the heart of a Scandinavian forest is about to close. The last occupants who led a simple life punctuated by the stars have to pack their bags. It was then that one of them discovered near the base a rope which sinks into the woods. A rope that seems to have no end.

Abandoning all responsibility, a group of curious people forms itself and decides to follow it, leaving behind families and colleagues. Exciting at first, this adventure quickly turns into a nightmare when the desires, secret desires and interests of each face each other. How far will this absurd and grandiose quest go and what will it lead them to?