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Director: Mike Todd

Producer: Mike Todd, Gesetg Garcia, Quenell Jones, Nick Davis

Executive Producer: Lathan Hodge

Writer: Mike Todd

Genres: Documentary, Factual, Sports

Demographics: 15+

Road Runners

West One International

Road Runners is a feature documentary on running in Jamaica. The story follows a small group of young Jamaican athletes as they prepare to compete in the island’s greatest sporting event – Champs. It is a tale of hope, struggle and identity. Champs is the Inter-High School Athletics event that fills the national stadium in Kingston. It takes place March every year and grips the island. It is an event where dreams are made – and broken. With unparalleled access, blending observational footage and interviews, the stories of our young athletes unfolds over the course of a year at high school. Their stories touch on the historic and contemporary struggles of the island. We see the daily struggle of what it means to grow up in Jamaica and learn why track and field has become so much part of the country’s fabric.

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