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Director: Siri Seljeseth

Producer: Aurora Bjørnhaug, Monster Scripted

Executive Producer: Tanya Nanette Badendyck, Bård Fjulsrud, Camilla Rydbacken, Filippa Wallestam

Cast: Maria Austgulen, Mari Hauge Einbu, Isabel Bråthen, Janne Kokkin, Arben Bala

Genres: Comedy, Drama


After a night out, Fanny is involved in an accident that kills her best friend Kurt and leaves her paralysed from the waist down.

Fanny is forced to move in with her sister Fam, having avoided her since childhood. All she wants is to move back to her 4th floor flat and return to her own independent life. However, her new life situation is forcing her to look at her relationships in a new light.

Will she manage to accept a situation she can't escape and find a starting point for something new? This heartfelt story unfolds through charming, sad and sometimes absurd moments.

A debut series helmed by acclaimed screenwriter Tina Rygh (Sigurd Can't Get Laid, Basic Bitch).