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Director: Kaspar Munk

Producer: Rasmus Kastberg, Anders Toft Andersen

Executive Producer: Anne Borggaard-Sørensen, Dorte Fuglsang, Marlene Billie Andreasen, Anders Toft Andersen, Martin Dalgaard

Writer: Kaspar Munk, Lone Hørslev

Cast: Pilou Asbæk, Iben Hjejle, Evin Ahmad, Rasmus Botoft, Thomas Hwan, Tammi Øst

Genres: Drama

8 x 30'

Siblings Mads (Pilou Asbæk) and Eva (Iben Hjejle) live in neighbouring apartments in Copenhagen with their respective families. They come from a family that appeared well-functioning and pleasant on the outside but was deeply dysfunctional on the inside. Mads, a music teacher, escapes into a world of partying and drugs to avoid his predictable everyday life and family responsibilities. His life in the underworld of alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes becomes increasingly difficult to hide from his loved ones. Despite his efforts to conceal his behaviour from his wife Kristina (Evin Ahmad), Eva, and his colleagues, the weight of broken promises and poor excuses is bound to catch up with him.

Eva's architectural firm faces a serious crisis when a vital contract is lost due to the tragic death of their contact person in a car accident. Desperate, Eva resorts to dubious methods to hide the crisis from those around her – not least because the deceased was also her lover. Eva must now strive to save both her company and her marriage.

Throughout the series, we follow Eva and Mads as they struggle to break free from old patterns and build better lives for themselves. As drugs take over more of Mads' life, not only does his world fall apart, but Eva's does too. As his big sister, she has always protected him, but now she must confront the limits of how far she will go to save him. Or will she?