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Director: Kristoffer Russ

Producer: Kristoffer Rus

Executive Producer: Malgorzata Jurczak, Ákos Erdös, Péter Ráday

Writer: Wiktor Piatkowski, Joanna Kozłowska, Katarzyna Kaczmarek

Cast: Eliza Rycembel, Agniezka Glinska, Tomasz Wtosok, Sandra Drzymalska

Genres: Drama

6 x 42’

Karolina graduates from the police academy with honours. She’s the only woman in her department and regularly comes up against toxic masculinity from her colleagues which she handles just like she handles the thugs on the street. Her father, a former police officer who battled organised crime, goes missing. Karolina looked up to her father and the disappearance affects her badly causing her to fall out with her sister. She joins the search for her father but to no avail. Karolina’s superior urges her to leave the case to other officers.

Her mother confesses that she killed Karolina’s father but won’t say why. Amidst her mother’s highly publicised trial, and against orders, Karolina resumes her own investigation. She discovers that her father shut down a sex-trafficking ring, only to begin operating it himself along with other officers - including her superior who warned her off the case. 

An adaptation of Katarzyna Bonda's bestselling true crime book of the same name.