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Director: Martina Haag

Producer: Calle Jansson, Mathias Gruffman

Executive Producer: Helena Larand, Sara Askelöf, Magnus Coinberg

Writer: Martina Haag, Peter Arrhenius

Cast: Alexandra Rapaport, Ella Hammarsten Liedberg, Shanti Roney, Adrian Macéus, Gustaf Hammarsten, Jessica Liedberg, Hanna Dorsin, Henrik Norlén

Genres: Drama

1 x 90'

Petra, 50, seems to have it all; the perfect marriage, a successful career and two wonderful children. But slowly she starts to get a feeling that there is something going on. Soon she discovers that her husband – whom she believed to be the love of her life - is having an affair and wants a divorce. In turn we get to know Petra, 15, a rowdy young woman, in the pursuit of true happiness and love. It’s a story about finding oneself and becoming the person that you were always meant to be. It’s a painful, yet hopeful and edifying view on two love stories throughout two different stages in life.

The film is based on Martina Haag’s two success books “Det är något som inte stämmer” and “Livet går så fort. Och så långsamt”.