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Director: Kaveh Tehrani

Producer: Ingvil Berger, Yngve Sæther

Executive Producer: Espen Osmundsen, Kari Moen Kristiansen

Writer: Erlend Loe, Nora Landsrød

Cast: Mohammed Ahmed, Liza Haider, Asim Chaudhry, Manish Sharma

Genres: Drama

1 x 110'

Finally summer vacation! The only thing teenager Mahmoud wants is a relaxing summer without any stress. But then Uncle Ji comes to visit from Pakistan. And who do you think will be responsible for being his Oslo guide? Yes, Mahmoud of course; crushing his hopes of enjoying a leisurely summer. And not only that, Mahmoud’s world changes drastically when his nine-year-old brother Ali starts to explore his identity and shares a secret, leading him to think about how to help his brother gain acceptance from his Pakistani family.

Based on the critically acclaimed debut novel from Gulraiz Sharif, ’Listen Up!’ is a refreshing, heart-warming and energetic comedy that sends your own prejudices straight at you, and leaves no one untouched. Marking director Kaveh Tehrani’s first feature film, ’Listen Up!’ is written by Erlend Loe (Quick, Nord) and Nora Landsrød (The Architect).