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Director: Charlotte Bridger, Tom Cunningham

Producer: John Bonny

Genres: Entertainment, Factual

Demographics: 18-30

People: Charlotte Bridger, John Bonny, Tom Cunningham

The Secret World of Las Vegas 24/7

ViacomCBS International Studios
S1: 6 X 60’

Over 40 million visitors come to the neon-soaked strip in Las Vegas to indulge in the glitz, glamour and gambling in the real Sin City. The documentary goes behind the scenes to meet the charismatic characters who keep the city alive 24/7, from the smooth-talking casino workers, the larger-than-life hosts and servers, and the ministers, musicians and Elvis impersonators who officiate the on-the-spot nuptials at the famed wedding chapels. The documentary also follows a legion of police, security guards, cab drivers, as well as the fun-loving tourists, high rollers and the biggest losers, and the old-timers who have made a home out of Vegas.

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