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Director: Oded Raz

Producer: Orly Atlas-Katz, Inbal Levi, Osnat Saraga

Cast: Gily Itskovitch, Avia Malka, Dana Lev, Dean Gerber, Roy Niv-Weschler, Yehonatan Vilozny, Mor Sarusi, Or Gross

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: Teen


In the middle of one of the richest districts in the country lies “The Hood,” a dingy cluster of low-income housing, where modest blue-collar families live. Ben is a widower who struggles to support his five kids and after a string of failed businesses, Ben is on the verge bankruptcy and possibly prison. Ben’s kids prank the community’s snobbish teens with oftentimes hilarious results, while tales of a mystical treasure lead them on a dangerous quest that could change their lives forever.