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Director: Yonatan Bar-Ilan, Omer Goldman, Noa Gusakov

Producer: Chen Mashash, Osnat Saraga

Cast: Avraham Arenson, Naya Bienstock, Omer Hazan, Yael Shelbia, Gal Frank, Tal Grushka

Genres: Drama, Kids

Demographics: Teen

S1: 50 X 30’

Rising is an adventure series set in 1946, two pivotal years before the State of Israel was founded. A seemingly innocent training farm secretly functions as a Strike Forces (Palmach) training base and recruitment center for exceptional teens, as well as a home-base for illegal immigration missions and special ops against the British mandate. The show's heroes are brother and sister Emile and Elinore – fresh off the boat illegal immigrants. The native Israelis initially mock them for their otherness, but soon realize they’re better off sticking together if they want to survive through the exhausting training, the imminent dangers and the surprising secret that comes to light: proof that it is them who can salvage the budding State.