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Director: Rode Florentin, Amir Mann

Producer: Orly Atlas Katz, Udi Miron, Osnat Saraga, Tamara Rothenberg, Dominique Bazay, Noam Arazi

Cast: Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Chris O’Neal, Dallas Hart, Cinthya Carmona, Grace Van Dien, Benjamin Papac, Jessica Amlee, BJ Mitchell, Aviv Buchler, Ishai Golan, Selina Giles, Yiftach Mizrahi, Nitsan Levartovsky, Parker Stevenson, Nadline Ellis, Yuval Yanai, Reina Hardesty

Genres: Drama, Kids

Demographics: Teen

S1: 12 X 30', S2: 12 X 30'

Eight months after losing their astronaut mother in a rocket explosion, brother and a sister, Alex and Hayley Woods, enroll at a private boarding school for gifted future leaders. Separately, they join two competing houses within the school and become rivals. Soon, mysterious events draw the students from both houses into a secret investigation. They uncover a deadly plot to use earthquakes for monetary gain. Only by joining forces and working together will they be able to stop this scheme.