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Director: Chris Grismer
Producer: Andrew Jacobsen, Adam Epstein, Chris Grismer, Shelley Zimmerman, Brin Lukens, Christine Pham
Cast: Holly Taylor, Tequan Richmond, Willow Shields, Alex Lange, An Li Bogan, Noah Grismer, Marguerite Moreau, David Rogers
Genres: Drama
People: Adam Epstein, Alex Lange, An Li Bogan, Andrew Jacobsen, Brin Lukens, Chris Grismer, Christine Pham, David Rogers, Holly Taylor, Marguerite Moreau, Noah Grismer, Shelley Zimmerman, Tequan Richmond, Willow Shields
The Unsettling

8 x 22’

Becca, a 16-year-old girl, arrives at her new foster home located in a remote area. Her foster siblings are less than welcoming but none more so than the 11-year-old biological son of their foster parents. Becca tries to keep to herself and adjust to her new home, but strange things start to happen around her and Becca is uncertain about who or what is responsible.

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