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Director: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, Elizabeth E. Schuch

Producer: Sebastian Peiter, Jon Briest

Executive Producer: Sebastian Peiter, Richard Melman, Paul Parker

Writer: Sebastian Peiter

Cast: Rudy Catania, Davide Tucci, Rebecca Dimech

Genres: Documentary

God's Soldiers - Siege of Malta

Urban Canyons
2x52min 1x91min

In the mid-16th Century, a long running conflict between two of the most powerful world religions is building up to a climactic battle in the Mediterranean. A battle for the very soul of Europe. Facing each other are the knights of the Order of St. John, a small but formidable and fanatical Christian military Order and the Muslim Janissaries, the fearsome crack troops of Suleyman the Magnificent.

The story is told through the eyes of two fictional but historically accurate characters.

Hasan is a 14-year-old Anatolian farmer’s son boy who is pressganged into the Sultan’s army. In Turkey, Hasan is converted to Islam before being trained as an elite Janissary soldier in Constantinople. His soon to be arch-rival Raymonde is a 15-year-old French noble, sent to the Order of St. John in Malta by his ambitious parents to become a knight and seafarer. Trained to fight in the name of God, and Allah they will meet on the battlefield.

This 2-hours drama led documentary is supported by historic re-enactment on original locations, and a full-size replica galleon. Spectacular CGI and gripping drama make up 70% of the film. Episode 1 looks at the build-up of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 and the motivations of both sides. Part 2 focuses on the dramatic battle for Fort St. Elmo, a strategically important fort during the Ottoman invasion. Led by Grandmaster Jean de Valette, 500 knights of the Order, 1,800 Spanish and Italian troops and 3,000 Maltese militia defend the island’s main harbour against 30,000 Ottomans including 6,000 the Janissary; elite soldiers of Sultan.

After losing his best friend in a bitter naval battle with Raymonde, the young Janissary Hasan becomes a follower of the Muslim dervish cult. Finally, after years of warfare and the bloody siege of Malta, Hasan realises that both sides have lost their ways. Consumed by uncontrollable hate, they betray their religious beliefs. One of them will not survive.

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