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Home > Screenings > Urban Canyons > China's Warrior Queen – Fu Hao

Director: Wu Qi

Producer: Sebastian Peiter

Executive Producer: Sebastian Peiter, Richard Melman, Vivian Yanhua Guan

Cast: Yi Zha (Fu Hao), Shuai Fang (King Wuding)

Genres: Documentary, Drama

52min UHD

Over 3,500 years ago, the powerful Shang Dynasty emerged from the Central Chinese plains. Their armies were led by a fierce and brilliant young general - her name was Fu Hao.

After an arranged marriage to King Wuding, Princess Gao rises to become the favourite queen, priestess of Shang ancestor ceremonies involving human sacrifice. Hao’s undisturbed tomb and small inscriptions found on oracle bone fragments and ritual bronze vessels preserved the dramatic story of Fu Hao, King Wuding, and the history of a Bronze Age Dynasty that can be traced back as the birthplace of Ancient Chinese civilisation.

This drama-led documentary of China’s first female general is supported by cinematic style re-enactment, CGI, and interviews with leading archaeologists and historians from China, UK, and America. Completed in 2022 by Urban Canyons for Bilibili, Smithsonian Channel, ZDF / Arte.