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Genres: Drama

12 episodes * 45 min

The focus of our story is the life of one’s family.

It begins in 1908 and continues until modern times. Family members become witnesses and participants of all the most important, tragic, and significant events for the last 100 years in Ukraine.

The history of the country is inextricably linked with the history of this family: First World War, October Revolution, Civil War, Holodomor, Stalinist repressions, occupation of Kyiv in 1941, Babi Yar, Cold War, Chernobyl, the collapse of the USSR, declaration of Independence, Orange Revolution, Euromaidan and Russian military intervention - every time bring new challenges to our family.

The heroes have to make a difficult choice, to whom or what they are devoted to - love, duty, family, career, ideals, Homeland.

Fate sometimes divorces family members on different sides of the “barricades” and beliefs; they have to confront each other, choosing different positions in life.