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Pitchee Name:

Helen Howells

Toddler Time

Toddler Time is a character-led animated series based on a successful book series that has sold in 17 territories and 13 languages worldwide.

Aimed at young pre-schoolers, Toddler Time features a economically diverse group of children who learn about the world around them through a series of play-dates in each other’s homes and outside. The series focuses on the importance of play, be it physical play or pretend play, in the social and emotional development of young children.

At the end of each story, the characters invite the viewer to join a simple quiz with picture clues. This section builds confidence through learning and the interactive approach encourages co-viewing, appealing to both children and their carers.

Project Information:
Director: Sam Wright
Producer: Oliver Ellis
Partners: No Broadcaster attached yet
Development stage: Early Development - Bible, script and teaser in production
Planned shooting start: N/A until Broadcast partners and funding in place
Shooting location: Cardiff
Languages: English
Total budget: TBC
Budget per episode: TBC
Financing already in place: No funding in place yet

Looking for from the International Business: A US and International Anchor Broadcasters

Company profile: Hoho Entertainment is a children’s production and rights management company dedicated to developing intellectual properties that are designed to be seen and experienced on all media platforms.
The company was co-founded by Oliver Ellis and Helen Howells, who, collectively have over 40 years experience in the TV development, production and rights management business.

Helen Howells
Email: [email protected]