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Pitchee Name:

James Kerr

Oops and Daisy's Melody Rainbow

Oops (a blue bear type creature) and Daisy (a pink rabbit type animal) live in an unusual house - a huge leather boot that sits underneath a wise old oak tree. Alongside the oak tree is a rather unusual pond - 'kaleidoscope lake'. This is a rainbow coloured pond with a small island in the middle where a rusty old cauldron lives snoring it's days away. Oops and Daisy are best friends with a passion for music who spending moment exploring the melodies and sounds created by the natural world around them. Using their unique musical abilities Oops and Daisy try to recreate the sounds of nature to make a rusty old pot laugh and fill their world with a beautiful musical rainbow. A stop-motion series for 3 – 5 year olds that helps young viewers develop an early interest in music and sound.

Supporting materials: Teaser trailer

Project Information:
Director: James Kerr
Producer: James Kerr / Kay Benbow
Partners: None other than £85,000 of private investment.
Development stage: Now!
Planned shooting start: June 2023
Shooting location: UK
Languages: English
Total budget: £978,560
Budget per episode: £18,820 (52 x 5 mins)
Financing already in place: £115,000 (11.75%)

Looking for from the International Business: Financial investment is, of course, of interest to us. However, of equal importance is the need to develop strong, relationships with organisations that can help in the distribution of Oops and Daisy's Melody Rainbow. We will happily concede that while we are experts in producing content for young audiences on very favourable budgets we have a very limited knowledge of issues relating to distribution, IP and rights. We aim to develop these relationships through the financing we would receive via the C21 Animation Digital Pitch.

Company profile: Kerrupt Animation is one the UK's leading stop-motion studios. We have a rich history of creating content for young audiences and have produced content for clients including the BBC, Channel 5, Moonbug Entertainment, WildBrain Spark, Spin Master, Mattel and many more. Digitally our content has been viewed over 100 million times. Kerrupt Animation has a long tradition of producing stop-motion content on tight budgets and in limited timescales making it the UK's 'go-to' stop-motion studio for clients across the world who need quality stop-motion content on tight budgets and in limited timescales. It is this unique ability that gives us our 'USP' and is what we look to apply as we aim to develop a brand new, 'budget efficient' production pipeline for creating high quality stop-motion children's content.

In producing Oops and Daisy's Melody Rainbow we will harness some of the very best talent in UK Children's TV (Oliver Selby / Kay Benbow / Paul Flannery) and develop a hub for stop-motion animation production in our home county of Yorkshire. Our goal is to create a children's series with a unique visual style that will help children develop a keen interest in music early on in life, as well as teach vital skills such as communication, understanding and - most importantly - a deep empathy for the feelings and emotions of others. In achieving this we hope to produce a series with global appeal that will attract commissions from children's broadcasters across the globe.

Contact: James Kerr - Producer
Phone: 020 3633 9875
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 07884 055 836