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Pitchee Name:

Paul Schleicher and Joel Veitch

Kid Arthur

A charming, adventure-filled children’s series fusing classic fantasy lore and modern teenage life. Arthur and Modred are best friends as well as the reincarnated mythical enemies from the classic tales. Together they traverse the perils of school and home life while battling magical dangers.

Kid Arthur is set in the modern-day town of Albion. It’s a semi-urban, multicultural place, recognisable to modern kids. Their school is a normal comprehensive, and life here is the kind of messy affair that the viewers will relate to. We are not in an idealised America-style world, or a Hogwarts-esque cliche of Britishness. This is more like Grange Hill, but it’s also the land of Arthurian legend, and we often find ourselves out in the mystical wilds where the ancient magic flows through the landscape.

Arthur and Mordred are rivals, but they are also bound together by being the only two kids at school who can cast spells, and summon dragons, demons and the like. They experience the world as one full of magic, while their classmates and the adults they encounter do not.

The adults in this world treat the kids as normal, sometimes mischievous children and make no allowances for the death-defying magical exploits that they experience. The teachers at school are authority figures, sometimes helpful but usually a problem to be dodged. They never acknowledge the apocalyptic battle between Good and Evil that is being fought on school property, all apart from the wizened old caretaker Merlin.

Project Information:
Director: Joel Veitch
Producer: Dan Dixon & Paul Schleicher
Partners: N/A
Development stage: Treatment, pilot and concept art in development looking to pitch in autumn 2022
Planned shooting start: We are looking for partners to take the show into funded development and then production during 2023
Shooting location: The show is set in the imaginary british town of Albion. Production will likely be UK based or with some animation production oversees
Languages: English
Total budget: £9,724,000
Budget per episode: £374,000 (22min Ep)
Financing already in place: UK Tax Credit 1,750,3200 (18%)

Looking for from the International Business: We see two potential routes for funding. A single buyer for global distribution (Streamer) or a group of initial pre-sale markets to build a jigsaw finance plan upon. We currently do not have a sales agent attached to the project and are open to discussions with any interested parties.

Company profile: Snafu Pictures was formed in 2020 by Dan Dixon and Paul Schleicher, and has already gained development support from the BFI and Film Wales, and is currently in Production on the Netflix series Bad Dinosaurs.

Between them they have a production background at some of the biggest and most innovative animation and VFX companies in the UK; including Axis Studios, Glassworks, The Mill, MPC, Framestore, The Imaginarium and Aardman. Their experience spans producing animation for films, advertising, high end TV drama, and animated cartoon series.

As a studio, Snafu is interested in developing authored, character driven projects, where craft both in visual execution and narrative storytelling is at a project’s core.

Show creators Joel Veitch and Dave Shute are currently Showrunner and Writer on Bad Dinosaurs, having co-created that series. The pair have a well established partnership running back to the early 2000s, when Joel’s website was at the vanguard of the kitten craze of the early internet. Working in commercials, TV, short film, music and internet comedy, they have produced a host of wonderful things over the last 19 years including the critically acclaimed dark fairy tale UNCLE WORMSLEY’S CHRISTMAS, starring Steve Coogan, Julia Davis, Julian Barratt and John Thomson.

Their other multi-award-winning films have been featured in many international film festivals around the world.

Contact: Paul Schleicher
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07879437846