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Pitchee Name:

Rosie Bilton

Fred McMurry

Fred McMurry is made of cardboard and suspicious to say the least, he’s a school Worry Monster with the teeth of a beast. But he springs to life, smiling, in a morning break time. He says ‘Obie trice - that means nice!’ and speaks only in rhyme. Then into the World of Worry they go where there’s all sorts of bother: toothbrushing, cool older kids, even an angry mother. Fred tells them that worries can send us spinnin’, but they’re also a chance for adventure - and this is only just the beginnin’.

The series is a playful exploration of what it means to worry through the different perspectives of two 8 year old schoolchildren - Rory and Amandine. Rory is very much the lead worrier, whereas Amandine takes a more surreal approach. Her worries are more existential such as time itself.

Further episodes will tackle a new concern such as going to the dentist, or having a hair cut through to events such as grandma getting sick, moving house or having an argument with a friend.

These worries are drawn from real-life worries which will be gathered through feedback sessions with school children aged 5-7yrs. We aim for problems to be realistic, but dealt with gently - worries are probed, transformed, scared off and sometimes offered to the teacher for extra support.

Each episode is 7 minutes long and full of Fred's humorous dialogue in cockney rhyming slang, which should inspire mimicry and bonding between children and a point of difference that really makes this animation unique.

Project Information:
Director: TBC - seeking director. Sanyukta Shrestha is the pilot animator.
Producer: Rosie Bilton - creator. Seeking experienced producing partner.
Partners: Flix Facilties, Manchester has budgeted the project). Derek Drennan, (The World According to Grandpa), The Nest is HOD once full funding stage is achieved.
Development stage: Pilot script, character and title sequence made - early stage.
Planned shooting start: TBC
Shooting location: London, UK
Languages: English and the East London dialect Cockney Rhyming Slang
Total budget: We envisage this as an ongoing series, subject to commissioning interest. £1m +
Budget per episode: £48k (quoted from Flix Facilities, Manchester)
Financing already in place: £15k. Our strategy is to make the draft pilot with our current animator Sanyukta Shrestha using it to undertake sales and marketing with a view to securing full financing from a mix of collaboration partners.

Looking for from the International Business: We are writers and creators seeking to collaborate with a UK, US or International animation production company to build the financing and team necessary for commissioning. We envisage this will also involve collaborating with European co-producer(s).

Company profile: "Enfant Terrible Productions has been a music production house since 2008, creating music for film and television. In October 2021 we launched a development wing to create TV, feature and animation series scripts. We create written IP for collaboration with TV and animation production companies.

Scripts currently in development:

'The Detective Dogs of Battersea' - an animation series.
'The Other Side of the Mountain' a supernatural crime drama series (Kevin Allen, director).
'Freddy' - historical drama - developed with Script Compass
'Becoming James' - a historical drama set in Edinburgh, developed with NFTS
'Crazy Works of Compassion' - a US comedy drama limited series
'Moonshine' - a coming of age young adult drama series about a teenage influencer
'For the Love of Sydney' - an anti-romance feature set in Ireland and Edinburgh
'Tik Tok' - comedy feature about two failing actors and their attempts to become famous
'Yeti' - a Nepalese feature (Veemsen Lama, director)

'The Firestone' - an adventure feature set in Nepal

'Stockpile Syndrome' - a feature horror about a hoarder
'Misunderstood' - a mini series about ADHD

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 3184 1000
07590 356 644
Music - Will Johnstone
Scripts - Rosie Bilton