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Pitchee Name:

Barry Ryan

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a six-year-old girl, a bunny, full of life, fun and excitement loves life, is permanently optimistic and has endless enthusiasm, many interests, and countless passions.

Chantilly Lace is no ordinary rabbit because she has exciting, fun adventures every day. Chantilly Lace is an ensemble show so alongside Chantilly, are her family, friends, village, and school. With Sister Peggy Sue, and friends; Delilah Dog, Clementine Cat, Elvis the panda, Jerry, and Lewis the bears, she gets up to exciting adventures into mischief.

Chantilly Lace is an inherently diverse proposition; it doesn’t matter to Chantilly what her friends are, they’re her friends. Like the teachers at her school Mrs La Bamba and Mr Tutti Fruitti, our characters, their diversity is inclusive, embedded and celebrated.

Chantilly Lace is anthropomorphic, so all the other characters are different species of animals, so the audience sees themselves reflected back in the world of characters and will see them as a space of identification.

Chantilly Lace pursues a new interest or finding out how something works and getting herself or her sister or one of her friends into a mess, and then Chantilly’s job is to find a resolution. Children can learn along with Chantilly the right way to do the things they may dream of doing .

Chantilly Lace is an opportunity to bring a new engaging and diverse proposition to pre-school programming that has a clear social value.

Supporting materials: Teaser trailer

Project Information:
Director: Dave Unwin
Producer: Barry Ryan & David Walton
Partners: N/A
Development stage: Beginnings
Planned shooting start: N/A
Shooting location: UK
Languages: All
Total budget: Not at the costed stage
Budget per episode: 52,000
Financing already in place: Under discussion

Looking for from the International Business: A development partner budget to get stories written and an advanced taster.

Company profile: Free@Last TV is an independent scripted television production company established in 2001 in London. We have produced over 500 hours of television for a range of broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Sky, UKTV and Channel 4, across a range of genres. Barry Ryan our MD & Creative director worked for several years in Children's TV at CBBC, The Children's Channel and Trouble.

Free@Last TV is multi genre. Our flagship drama Agatha Raisin first broadcast as a one off Christmas special on Sky One Boxing Day 2014 before being picked up to series airing in 2016. Free@Last TV has a broad range of content on our slate - in the Children's space it has Philip Ridley's 'Scribbleboy', a high action series, a school based soap 'Kelvingrove Hall' as well as a PL Travers feature film.

Contact: Barry Ryan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07771896148