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Director: Masato Nomura

Producer: Yukito Hirayama

Executive Producer: Hideki Kodaira

Cast: Osamu Shidara, Yuki Himura, Foreign Travelers

Genres: Comedy, Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences

over 100 × 90 minutes+

In the programme, a team of interviewers go around various airports in Japan, with Narita International Airport as their main reporting hub, and ask non-Japanese arrivals "Why did you come to Japan?". They then attempt to follow the interviewees on their journeys around Japan, in a process close-contact reporting. A question posed for departees is, "What souvenir did you buy?" Besides interviewing people at airports, another skit tries to find non-English teaching foreigners in randomly chosen cities throughout Japan.

Each episode provides the producers with unique story elements that run throughout the show. There are four “Why Did You Come To Japan?” stories in the 90-minute version and two stories in the 60-minute version.