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Director: Masahiko Kawahara, Izuru Kumasaka

Producer: Futoshi Asano

Writer: Yuka Arai, Yoshimasa Akamatsu, Izuru Kumasaka

Cast: Kento Hayashi, Alice Hirose

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences

30 min × 12 episodes

Shinsuke Akaba is living a pretty steady and boring life, catching zombies everyday.

…Wait! Zombies!?!?

Yes, Shinsuke is living in a world invaded by Zombies.

Although he seems like a normal government servant, he is actually working for the Zombie Policing Department (at the Tamagawa Ward Office).

This Drama includes Shinsuke’s Love affair with a girl who fights against zombies with her Marshal Art skills, Shinsuke’s friendship with a Zombie Doctor, and unique characters you will instantly fall in love with!

“Tamagawa Ward Office OF THE DEAD” is a Horror Comedy drama featuring Kento Hayashi ,a Japanese Academy Award winner for Best New Actor.