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Director: OIKAWA Takuro, KUBOTA Hiroki

Producer: HAMATANI Koichi

Executive Producer: IZUMISAWA Yoko, MIURA Hayato

Cast: FUKUSHI Sota

Genres: Drama, Format

1 x 120 minutes + 6 x 60 minutes

The main character is an attorney specializing in defending only swindlers. He is known by the abominable name of corrupt lawyer “Sodom“, because of his outrageous ways, his aggressive methods, and his worship of money. However, while he helps fraudsters and wins their acquittals, he then cooperates with his unique fellows (a genius hacker and a master of disguise), and he drives the con artists to ruin behind the scenes.

In fact, his mother was a brilliant human rights lawyer, who died mysteriously. In order to unravel the truth of her death, he tries to expose a great evil feared in the world of defrauders, called "The Minister”.

An Attorney, who defends only defrauders, fights against a huge evil to revenge his mother's death.