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Director: Takuro Oikawa, Hiroaki Yuasa, Takahiro Ouchi

Producer: Koichi Hamatani

Executive Producer: Masashi Abe

Writer: Hiroyuki Komine

Cast: Shingo Katori, Nagisa Sekimizu

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences

54 min x 8 episodes

Here’s the story of a new section at the Metropolitan Police Department.

Their mission is to find the anonymous abusers on social net working site.

Wataru is a police inspector working for the new section. He’s been demoted because of a “certain” investigation which will be a key throughout the drama. Seem like his new section is full of people who’s been demoted.

One day, a young model commits suicide. Her parents are sure that it’s suicidal death caused by cyberbullying. Wataru investigates only to find that this isn’t a simple case. He faces an atrocious crime.

Today’s technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that it has, in a sense, created a new type of human behavior. Wataru and his team are here to combat the anonymous evils.