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Director: Mari Asato, Kyoya Kakuda, Taku Matsumoto

Producer: Taku Matsumoto

Executive Producer: Tatsuya Yamaga

Writer: Shinichi Tanaka

Cast: Hiromitsu Kitayama, Yuri Nakamura, Minori Hagiwara

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences

30 min x 12 episodes

A man and a woman. After seven years of marriage and painfully failed attempts to have a boby, love has faded away. No conversation, no sex. They are married because they have not divorced yet.

The husband has been sleeping with a teenager whom he forces to have an abortion. Cornered by his wife over his betrayal, long-lost passion is reignited inside the husband who breaks down in tears and begs for forgiveness. He sends his lover a text to say it's all over.

The wife soon gets pregnant. Things seem to have gone back to normal, until one evening the young mistress knocks on the door. Infuriated by the sight of the wife's belly, the kid grabs a knife. The desperate couple strangles her to death.

Now they are inseparable, bonded by their feelings of guilt and their desire to protect their future family.

Then the husband receives another visitor. "My girlfriend is missing. I know you were having an affair with her."