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Director: Chad Crawford

Producer: Amanda Kossina (2015, 2016), Katie Barnes (2018/2019)

Executive Producer: Len DePanicis

Writer: Chad Crawford

Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children, Teen

The Outsiders Club

The Television Syndication Company (TVS)
43 x 30’

BMX Bike Racing, surfing and kayaking are just some of the exciting outdoor activities our teen hosts embarq on in The Outsiders Club!

The Outsiders Club is a trend-setting, fast-paced entertaining series showing kids and families the fun they’ll have living an active outdoor lifestyle. In each 30 minute show, The Outsiders Club’s four hosts will meet up with teen experts who will guide them in activities that will get them moving and enjoying the great outdoors!

When it’s time to fuel up, the team will head into the Fuel Lab and join in a challenge by Chefs Justin and Paula to create their favorite energy meals.

With obesity rates at an all time high for today’s youth, the time is right for The Outsiders Club!

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