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Director: Mason Farish

Producer: Corday Productions, Ken Corday, Farish Media, Mason Farish

Executive Producer: Ken Corday

Writer: Mason Farish

Cast: Ken Corday, Dan Doherr

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality, Sports

13 x 30’

Since the age of two, Ken Corday has always loved to fish. When he's not producing America's longest running, Emmy-Award winning daytime drama, “Days of our Lives”, he’s usually out on the big blue seas with a friend or two, on a mission to catch big marlin.

Each fast-paced episode of Marlin Quest journeys from adventure to adventure featuring exotic flavors of the colorful locations Ken and his guests visit. And the fish stories? Did we tell you about the one where pirates tried to steal their prized catch?

No other series provides a format exclusive to the magnificent marlin – a fish that could, at any time, launch and impale an unsuspecting angler. That never happens, fortunately. The program is simply fun to watch and will appeal to anglers and non-anglers alike.

This entertaining lifestyle travel and fishing series offers a threefold experience for viewers:
• The flavor of worldwide travel including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bora Bora and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
• World class fishing for giant marlin with tag and release conservation efforts for the species
• Living vicariously through those "interesting" friends of Ken Corday during these expeditions.