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Director: James Anderson
Producer: Nick Ward
Executive Producer: Irene Gardiner
Cast: Michael Van De Elzen
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The Food Truck

16 X 22’30

It’s no secret we’re all getting fatter. Fast food is becoming more of a quick and easy alternative to spending a bit of time in the kitchen. But this obsession with the takeaway is slowly killing us.
Enter NZ chef Michael Van de Elzen, who’s on a mission and determined to show that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With 25 years of cooking experience, Van de Elzen knows what he’s talking about.
From trying to find a delicious alternative to our most beloved takeaways, from fish and chips, to hamburgers, fizzy drinks, pizza and pies, nothing is safe from this quirky chef’s eye.
Some of the things he tries are outrageous, others simple, but all of them with one common goal; healthy takes on familiar classics.
Taking to the road in the Food Truck, Michael finds the harshest critics and the best test subjects are the people themselves – taking the good with the bad, he will attempt to do the impossible – find a healthy and delicious alternative.
Part cooking show and part factual series; The Food Truck is essential viewing for the whole family.

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